Brian and Sarah Troxell have worked together as a full-time ministry team for more than 20 years. Both heard God's call into full time ministry at a young age. God was urging Brian toward full time ministry at various times throughout his high school and college years, with a definite call coming when he was a summer staffer at Golden Bell Camp and Conference Center in 1994. However he found other things distracting. Sarah, on the other hand, knew she was called when she was in the 6th grade and never wavered. That proved to be the catalyst God used to solidify Brian's calling and to establish the ministry team now at the heart of WPNAZ.

While Sarah focused on her calling, pursuing a degree in instrumental music education at Southern Nazarene University, Brian still harbored dreams of becoming what he calls "a rock star for Jesus", pursuing a degree in music business. In the fall of 1994 on what might have been their last date, Sarah informed Brian that she was going to have to end their relationship. The person she would marry had to be called into full-time ministry. First thing the next morning, Brian phoned to inform her that he was indeed called into full-time ministry and that he had changed his major to church music.

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Graduating from Southern Nazarene University, in 1997 for Brian and 1998 for Sarah, eight years followed working as a team in full time youth ministry, serving two different churches. Calls to other churches for youth ministry kept their thoughts on a settled future when a life changing event intervened.

The scene was a summer mission trip in 2004 at WPNAZ with their youth group from Trinity Church of the Nazarene in Colorado Springs. On the second evening, Brian was to be the preacher at the youth rally after a day of VBS. Not considering himself a preacher, his panic was understandable when he discovered his notes missing two minutes before the sermon. Then the Holy Spirit said, "Let it go". That sermon without notes started the wheels turning toward a call to preach as well as a pattern for his profound and eminently listenable preaching in the years to follow.

Sarah noticed an immediate change in Brian. A newfound hunger for the Word of God and an anointing to preach led him to dig deeply for almost a year in the Gospel of John. The Holy Spirit filled him far beyond his past experience. He wanted to speak of things beyond the level of the teens under his ministry. Their senior pastor talked to him about becoming a lead pastor. Pursuing an inclination toward church planting, he took a specialized course in church planting, graduating with the maximum possible grade. This created the opportunity for a church plant posting anywhere in the world, but in January of 2005, Brian and Sarah knew the Lord was leading them to Woodland Park.

Sarah began her work at WPNAZ doing "everything but the preaching", including cleaning, worship leading and youth work. In 2013 she became the Children's Pastor. Pastor Brian is currently pursuing a Master of Divinity at Northwest Nazarene University, to be completed in May, 2017. Together, they remain a team engaged in their own personal mission of "moving people into the center of God's will".